Trained in mathematics, I am a fully qualified actuary, PhD and Machine Learning enthusiast.

“ Only with a leaf can I talk of the forest, ” — Visar Zhiti

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in Chaire DIALog, within the french Fondation du risque Louis Bachelier. My PhD was a joint doctoral position, defended at LSAF laboratory at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and at KU Leuven University. I am interested in data science, statistical and machine learning in general, and currently work on concrete insurance problems. My PhD thesis is supervised by Christian-Y Robert (in replacement of Denys Pommeret), Xavier Milhaud and Katrien Antonio, and it aims at managing longitudinal data with tree-based ML models. My current research projects are focused on the contributions of survival and longitudinal tree-based models to the actuarial literature and could be broadened to other fields.